Punta Giglio

From the B&B transfer to Porto Conte, on the road to Capo Caccia. Excursion to the promontory of Punta Giglio, interspersed with tiny sandy coves with an exceptionally clear sea. Excursion on foot up to the remains of the fortifications used during the Second World War. Packed lunch. Guide for the whole day: up to […]

Porto Conte, Porticciolo, Cala della Barca

From the B&B transfer to Porto Conte, on the road to Capo Caccia. Excursion to Monte Timidone, from whose summit you can admire the most beautiful panorama of the coast. Possibility of spotting specimens of the rich local fauna: Sardinian deer, fallow deer, griffon vultures. From Monte Timidone, descending towards the promontory of Cala della […]

Argenteria and cale della Nurra

From the B&B transfer to Palmadula, a hamlet in the countryside between Alghero and Stintino. From Palmadula begins the exciting and panoramic descent towards the sea, up to the village of Argentiera, an abandoned mining village, whose ruins are the subject of an intelligent and targeted restoration work. Beyond the mine, two splendid coves offer […]

Monti di Barbagia

From the B&B transfer to Nuoro. Visit to the Museum of Sardinian life and traditions and then an excursion to the granite massif of Monte Ortobene, on whose summit the bronze sculpture of Christ the Redeemer has stood for over a hundred years. Afterwards, a visit to Mount Corrasi di Oliena (the Sardinian Dolomites). In […]

The Phoenician footprints

From the B&B, transfer to Oristano, on the west coast, and a morning of sun and sea on the beach of Is Arutas, an expanse of sparkling quartz before the intense blue of the sea. Afternoon among the fascinating ruins of Tharros, a city founded by the Phoenicians and then a Roman colony, located between […]

Gallura wind

From the B&B, through the Northern Sardinian road, you reach the north-eastern end of the island, north of the Costa Smeralda. Having as a base the fishing village of Santa Teresa di Gallura, you visit the promontory of Capo Testa, an incredible scenery of white granite rocks of a thousand shapes, dominated by the lighthouse […]

The costa dei grifoni

From the B&B transfer to the city of Alghero and continuation along the Alghero – Bosa road, called Costa dei Grifoni, with stops at the Belvedere di Capo Marargiu, the coast of Torre Argentina and the exclusive Cale di S’Abba Drucche, for a swim in the water clearer than the coast. Guided tour of the […]

In front of the Bocche

From the B&B, transfer to the coastal village of Castelsardo, facing the Bocche di Bonifacio, which separate Sardinia from Corsica. Guided tour of the town, founded by the Dorias and then a Spanish colony. From the small port to the castle, through streets full of suggestions related to food, craftsmanship and tradition, between true scents […]

Alghero: history, art, culture, nature

From the B&B transfer to the city of Alghero. Guided tour of the ancient walls and the historic center among alleys, squares, churches and ramparts. In the afternoon, guided visits to the archaeological areas of the Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju and the Nuraghe Palmavera, in the enchanting scenery of the Bay of Porto Conte. Upon […]

Temple and Mount Limbara

From the B&B transfer to Tempio Pausania, a center leaning against the Monte Limbara massif. Excursion to the Mount, among water springs (among the best known on the island) and streams, which flow into the Coghinas basin. In the afternoon, visit the famous Valle della Luna and the woods of Pattada, with a visit to […]